The Internet of Things is coming. Is your organization ready?

Read about the latest developments in the effort to standardize Intelligent Device Management.

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LNG Mid-Scale Calibration Loop

We are engineering a first-in-the-world facility where LNG measurements can be verified against national and international standards for the reliable measurement of LNG for commodity use such as marine and rail transport, industrial fuel, and other intermediate-scale applications. By supporting “legal for trade” measurement of LNG volume, mass, and energy transfers, this facility will accelerate the development of secondary markets, help track losses, and reduce disputes and tax and excise difficulties.

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What We Do

ECI assists our clients with master planning, project execution, and enterprise re-engineering. We have served some of the world’s largest energy project as well as small entrepreneurial ventures. Our experts have applied their skills in industrial control and telecommunications, industrial networking, and information technology. We have worked on oil and gas fields, pipelines, marine terminals, refineries and LNG facilities in North America, Europe, Africa, and the former Soviet Union.

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Standards and Training

As part of our tradition of "writing the standards", Gary Rathwell is currently serving on the ISA-108 Committee on Intelligent Device Management.

We also offer courses on ISA-108 and other instrumentation standards, Engineering Project Management, the PERA Methodolgy, PERA Master Planning, and metrology best practices.