Control and Information Systems

We provide Control System Design from Master Planning to Detail Engineering using our traditional tools including:
  • PERA Master Planning and Enterprise Architecture
  • ISA 95 – Enterprise Integration Concepts and Standards
  • Control and Information Systems Lead Engineer’s Guide
and new standards like:
  • ISA 108 – Intelligent Device Standard (Part 1 currently issued, Part 2, 3 and 4 still in draft).
  • ISA 99 – Cyber Security including control systems design and audits.
  • ISA 84 – Safety Instrumented Systems, including Risk Analysis.
  • FieldComm – FDI and OPC UA for Hart, Fieldbus, Profibus, etc.
  • CFIHOS – Capital Facilities Information Hand Over Standard
The above are supported by the Datum360 Engineering Information System to facilitate Equipment Specifications, Management of Change and smooth transition from Engineering and Construction to Operations and Maintenance