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As the North American Reseller for Datum360 Software, ECI can offer courses and interactive reference manuals for PIM360 to expedite your users' learning curve with the software.

  • Introduction to PIM360
  • PIM360's LiveView Screen
  • PIM360's Attribute Explorer
  • Uploading Data into PIM360 (for advanced users)

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Analyzer and Sampling System Design

  • Sample-Conditioning System Technology
  • On-Line Analyzers' System Design (Overview)
  • On-Line Analyzers' Technologies

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PERA Master Planning

As co-author of the PERA website ( and the PERA Master Planning Handbook, Gary Rathwell is available to help your organization apply PERA concepts to your process industry enterprise.

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We offer on-site and on-line courses on Instrumentation, Engineering Project Management, Risk Management, the PERA methodology, and of course, Datum360's PIM360 Software. Please contact us for a full listing or a customized course for your organization.


As one of the authors of the ISA-108 Part II Intelligent Device Management standard, a former member of ISA-95 Enterprise Integration Standard, and current member of ISA-99 (CyberSecurity Standard) Gary Rathwell is well-positioned to help your organization implement these and related corporate programs.

Planning and Implementation programs are offered for::

  • ISA 108 - Intelligent Device Management
  • ISA 95 - Interfaces between Control and Enterprise Information Systems
  • ISA 99 - Industrial Cyber Security

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Multiphase Flowmetering

We are currently allowing access to Part A of our interactive multi-phase metering course.

Other courses in this series include:

  • Introduction to Flow Metering
  • Multiphase Flowmetering Concepts, Part B, C, D
  • Multiphase Flowmetering Products, Part E, F, G, H (Split-Flow Meters)
  • Multiphase Flowmetering Products, Part J, K, L (In-line Meters)
  • Multiphase Flowmetering Products, Part M (Virtual Meters)
  • Advanced Multiphase Flow Metering

Engineering Project Management

Having written the Control and Information Systems Strategic Master Plan for the upgrade of the world’s largest oil pipeline network, we can confidently instruct on best industry practices for large and small engineering projects.

Available training modules include:

  • Introduction to Engineering Project Management
  • The Role of the Engineering Project Manager
  • Project Organization
  • Project Scheduling
  • Project Estimating and Tracking
  • Project Phasing
  • Deliverables
  • Project Automation
  • Procurement Strategies
  • Contract Management
  • Project Controls
  • Construction Communications

A selection of slides from the introductory course are included below.

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