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PERA Master Planning

As co-author of the PERA master planning handbook, Gary Rathwell is the best teaching resource available to help your organization apply PERA concepts to your business processes.

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Engineering Project Management

Having written the Control and Information Systems Strategic Master Plan for the upgrade of the world’s largest oil pipeline network, we can confidently instruct on best industry practices for large and small engineering projects. A selection of slides from the introductory course are included below.

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We offer on-site and on-line courses on Instrumentation, Metrology, Engineering Project Management, Risk Management, and the PERA methodology. Please Contact Us for a full listing or a customized course for your organization.


As one of the main authors of the ISA-108 Part II standard and chairman of the Part IIa committee, Gary Rathwell is uniquely positioned to help your organization apply intelligent device management in your organization.

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Multiphase Flowmetering

As a courtesy, we offer some still slides from our animated, interactive multi-phase metering course. Other courses in this series include device selection training and principle of operation explanations.

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