Past and Current Projects

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LNG Mid-Scale Calibration Loop

ECI provided preliminary process and control systems design as well as project management support for the world’s first cryogenic liquefied natural gas (LNG) calibration facility. This installation will facilitate legal-for-trade measurement of LNG.

Master Plan for the world's largest oil pipeline SCADA system

Directed Strategic Master Plan of Control and Information Systems for upgrade of the world’s largest oil pipeline network (approximately 48,000 km). SCADA, Control Systems, Production Management Systems, Security and Telecommunication systems to be installed across Russia were included.

Master Plan for Alaska Pipeline

Prepared a Master Plan for Control and Information Systems for a $10 billion 60 inch (1.5 meter) high pressure gas pipeline from Alaska to the lower 48 States. This work was done in conjunction with EICS staff from Fluor Daniel. All SCADA, IT production systems, and Telecommunication systems requirements were included, with conceptual engineering definition and cost estimate for these systems.

Master Plan for a Kazakh Engineering and Construction Communication System

Prepared the master plan for Engineering and Construction Communication systems for a $7 billion upgrade of an Oil Production and Gas Re-injection Facility in Kazakhstan. Telecom and IT systems were designed in conjunction with the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction contractor. This system successfully supported a 1500 person engineering team in London, a 600 person team in Atyrau, and a 10,000 person construction team in Tengiz.

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Master Plan for Large-Scale Gas Field Development

Prepared a Master Plan for development of a world-scale gas and condensate field in the high arctic . The multi-billion dollar plan, prepared in collaboration with an engineering firm, included drilling, field development, production and loading of condensate and LPG into ice-strengthened tankers, as well as arctic gas pipelines and multiple LNG plants       .

Developed National Pipeline Standards

Planned and managed the development of industrial control and communication systems engineering standards for the world’s largest oil pipeline network.

Consultation on Construction Communications and IT for large-scale projects in remote locations

Consulted on Engineering and Construction Communication and IT Systems for an infrastructure upgrade project associated with a large oil and gas pipeline project.      .

Strategic Plan for a major Systems Integration company

Participated in Strategic Planning Team established by one of the world’s largest Systems Integration companies to establish their corporate strategy for support of process industry clients.

Master Plan for an Oil Analyzer Company

Prepared Enterprise Master Plan for a company providing sophisticated petroleum laboratory analyzers and automated systems. Provided Intranet and Internet enterprise systems for this company

Demonstrated Pipeline Standard SCADA

Prototype Systems were developed and demonstrated for SCADA, Telecommunications, and integration of data with business systems. This work was done in conjunction with SLP Engineering Moscow, who is proceeding with pilot implementation.

Gas Compressor and Nitrogen Generation Projects

Established and managed a gas compressor and nitrogen generation engineering and sales group for an oil field and pipeline products and services company.

Master Plan for an Arctic Gas Pipeline

Provided consultants and management for a team that studied alternatives for a multi-billion dollar pipeline to deliver gas from the Yamal peninsula to various mainline transmission gas pipelines in northern Russia.

Engineering Portal

Developed a multi-lingual engineering portal system which has been used to provide collaboration websites for multiple projects. This Engineering Workbench Includes a products and services database, technical glossary, action item tracking and scheduling, as well as collaboration tools including file sharing, interactive meeting rooms, messaging and Voice over Internet communications.

Designed a Communications and Web Conferencing System for a large African Construction Project

Prepared Engineering and Construction Communications design for a remote Nigerian gas-to-oil facility. Data, voice and video signals were combined on satellite channels to support this frontier project.