Sampling Systems

Maurer cell sampler

Modular Sampling Systems (MSS)

MSS technology minimizes footprint, improves sampler/analyzer response time, simplifies maintenance, and facilitates future upgrades. Expandings numbers of "plug and play" components such as valves and sensor modules speed design and fabrication.

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typical TSS

Traditional Sampling Systems (TSS)

TSS uses traditional metal or plastic tubing to connect analyzers and sampling components. While less compact than MSS, TSS offers ultimate flexibility, including tubing sizes from 1/16" to 1" and a wide range of fittings and components.

Conax SPA

Probes and Samplers

MSS and TSS sampling systems use the same probes and samplers for extracting liquid and gaseous material from process piping or reactors.

Analyzers and Chemical Sensors

Many compact analyzers and chemical sensors have been designed for direct mounting in MSS systems. However, most can be connected to either MSS or TSS sampling systems using traditional tubing connectors.

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